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Patrick Kelly

Lawrence Public Schools
Director of Innovative Learning
Dedicated to design and implementation of engaging and empowering learning opportunities, Patrick Kelly is the Director of Innovative Learning for the Lawrence Public Schools. His vision and leadership lead to the creation of the Lawrence College & Career Center, an innovative learning environment focused on three design principles – hands-on, project based learning, post-secondary preparation and business and industry involvement. Serving over 1500 students within the first two years, the Lawrence College & Career Center is an educational gathering place for young people and adults to learn from each other and discover how they can prepare them for their future.

An educator for over 20 years, Patrick has worked in a wide variety of school settings as a teacher, building level and district level administrator. He regularly provides leadership training for community and business organizations and is a Level 1 certified leadership facilitator with the Kansas Leadership Center. Patrick is the co-founder of Confabularryum, a community festival of creativity and making designed for educators, innovators, entrepreneurs and creatives that draws over 7,000 attendees annually. Committed to civic engagement Patrick currently serves as the chair of the Lawrence Douglas County Metropolitan Planning Commission and enjoys volunteering with the local community theatre.

My Speakers Sessions

Monday, August 12

12:30pm CDT